Biblical Intensive Counseling Workshop

Our program is intensive and includes private counseling, seminars, lectures, and guided study. All counseling and teaching is done by Dr. Schaumburg personally. The seven day program typically begins on a Sunday, with orientation at 6:00 PM, and ends the following Friday evening. Each day is a full schedule of activity.

The Schedule

All counseling sessions are private. There is no group counseling in the program. The schedule varies each day, but will include private counseling, seminars, lectures and a comprehensive guided study. The program is full and intensive. Do not plan sightseeing tours, visits to friends, or other activities during your seven day session.

View the latest schedule.


Married couple:
$2,600 / Workshop

$2,600 / Workshop

The Board of Directors has established a fee structure which allows any spouse to attend without additional cost. As a licensed marriage and family therapist with over thirty years of experience, Dr. Schaumburg highly recommends that if you are married, both spouses should attend BIC.

All prices in USD. All checks should be made out in U.S. Dollars. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit/debit cards.

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