What do others say about Biblical Intensive Counseling?

In almost twenty years, over 3,000 people have come to our Biblical Intensive Counseling Workshop. Often they have been Christian leaders from churches, the mission field, or parachurch organizations. Many are lay people desperately seeking help. All are hurting and many come with overwhelming shame. Whether experiencing a broken marriage, deep discouragement, a recent affair or other sexual sin, they find hope in this process of radical change.

My life, marriage, and ministry were in total chaos. I had been in a vise-grip of sexual sin for more than 20 years and was about to lose everything. I was full of guilt, rage and self-centeredness. Biblical Intensive Counseling was the instrument God used to perform surgery on my heart. I’ve never been the same since. – J.S.

I can think of no better way to get down to the tough issues of life than Biblical Intensive Counseling. It is more than inspiration; it’s renewal at the deepest level. – K.S.

Biblical Intensive Counseling is not for the fainthearted. Dr. Schaumburg cut through all my defenses and went right to the core issue of numerous affairs. Exposed and vulnerable, he skillfully guided me until I could clearly see my sin. Other counselors can identify problems, but few can lead one toward change like this. I found the hope I so desperately needed. Thank you! – B.B.

Could seven days possibly cause one to change habits and thought patterns that have controlled for year? Yes! That’s what happened in my life through Biblical Intensive Counseling. God used this workshop to reveal my heart and to face the truth of God’s Word. It was a heart that was in such deep denial that as a pastor I could have had a two-year affair with my wife’s best friend. God is now rebuilding my life and restoring my marriage. We have often said, “If only we had gone to Biblical Intensive Counseling two years ago, so much pain and destruction could have been avoided.” – S.W.

Dr. Schaumburg is Personally Available

Dr. Harry Schaumburg, author, speaker, and counselor has over thirty years of counseling experience. If you’d like to speak with him personally to determine whether his Biblical Intensive Counseling Workshop is right for you or a loved one, call our office.

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